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The Swedish Association of Human Resources Management

is a member association embracing all aspects of Human Resource Managment. We are an active network, consisting of approximately 7 000 professionals from both small and large organisations, whithin the private and public sector. Our main purposes are exchanging experiences and network building. Our activities mainly take place in our local networks.

Our mission statement is as follows:

- To shape opinions.
- To build local networks and collaborate with international organisations in the HRMfield.  
- To be a centre for Human Resource Managers.
- To increase awareness regarding personal development in working life.
- To focus on profitable work within the HRMarea.

Our goals are:

- To work for the development of professional skills within HRM.
- To raise standards of training.
- To improve the links between theory and practice within HRM.
- Increase awareness of ethical patterns in the workplace.

Local network:

One important role of association is to give the members an opportunity to meet in different netwoks and exchange experiences and develop their skills. The networks are based on the members' different areas of expertise and in them they can get together informally and, under informal circumstances, get together and exchange thought and ideas.

A network gives you the opportunity to:

- Exchange experiences.
- Create new contacts.
- Discuss your ideas.
- Learn from each other.

The history of the association:

Kerstin Hesselgren founded the association in 1921. She was the first female Member of Parliament in Sweden and was an inspector at the Swedish labour inspectorate. She saw the need for an association for "social workers within factories and companies" or what we would today call the Human Resource specialists. Hence, Kerstin Hesselgren founded the association that is today called The Association of Human Resources Managment. Kerstin Hesselgren was so far-sighted that she immediately focused on issues that are still of interest. One of her issues was for instance to emphasise the importance of knowledge of economics within the profession to make it easier to influence company managment.

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